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Elecs.coCar AccessoriesLED Neon Car Wheel Bike Tyre Valve Cap Light (Blue Light) 2 Pcs
LED Neon Car Wheel Bike Tyre Valve Cap Light (Blue Light) 2 Pcs
LED Neon Car Wheel Bike Tyre Valve Cap Light (Blue Light) 2 Pcs

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Main Features

  • LED neon light has 2 tyre valve covers with built-in LEDs
    If you want to add that personal touch to your car, bike - lighting is one of the best ways
    LED neon light is self contained with light & motion sensors, LEDs, and replaceable built-in watch batteries
    When it is dark and your wheels start to move, LED neon light automatically lights up creating a solid disk of light that appears to hover above your wheels
    When you stop, neon lights for cars will switch off to save battery power
    Light Color:Blue
  • Details:
    These car neon lights can be used on any kinds of cars, motorcycles and bicycles.
    When you stop driving, the built-in sensors will stop the lights in half minute automatically
    Safe, awesome and eyes-catching
    Mini design
    You can image its size according to the coin
  • Put Neon Lights on a Car:
    Disconnect both power terminals from your car's battery before doing any automotive electrical work Screw the mounting bracket from your neon light tube kit into a spot on the underside of your car's dashboard, away from where feet or legs will come in contact with the light. Use your flat screwdriver to do this
  • How Does Neon Light Work?
    The process of making neon lights first begins by making the glass tubes. Though it seems simple, the tubes are often made by hand, combining modern technologies with age old glassblowing skill to properly shape the glass into the desired contours. These tubes can be straight, curved, or any combination of those adjectives to make any sort of symbol or letter, as evidenced by their popularity in hotel and bar signs all over the world. Once the glass is actually formed, all air is removed from the inside of the tube, which then creates a vacuum ready to be filled
    1)Injecting the Gas:
    The glass tubes, once they're emptied of all air and a vacuum is created inside of them, are back-filled with two separate gases. One gas is neon, which shows up red when charged with electricity. The other gas is argon, which shows up blue when given the same, electrified treatment. The inside or even the outside of the glass tubes can be coated with chemicals or paints to filter the escaping light so that the glow will take on a variety of different colors, but those are the colors represented by the gases that make up the basics of neon lights
    2)Finishing Touches:
    Once the tubes are filled, electrodes are attached at the two ends. The tubes are electrically charged to test that the gases inside them give off the proper color and that there are no flaws in the glass. The atoms of the gases, both neon and argon, will always try to move towards the positively charged end of the tube. That motion, collision and scattering when stimulated by the electricity is what causes the infamous glow of neon lights
  • Tips & Warnings:
    If you are planning to install multiple lights, consider learning of a method to run all power wires to a central fuse before connecting to your battery

Package Contents

  • 2 x LED Neon Car Wheel Bike Tyre Valve Cap Lights
  • 6 x Button Batteries

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