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Elecs.coMassageCelluless Beauty Server Breast Liposuction Massager with 4 Cups Buat015
Celluless Beauty Server Breast Liposuction Massager with 4 Cups Buat015
Celluless Beauty Server Breast Liposuction Massager with 4 Cups Buat015

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Main Features

  • Description

    let your breast fullness
    firm breasts enhanced flexibility and full of youthful vitality
    easy to use
    Using the latest interactive technology absorption and desorption of the breast in mild and effective pressure massage, so that gradually the breast fullness the flat before, jerk, jack up the charming curves would kept by you. The use of exhausted, breast is not only hot and expansion, and sustainable throughout the evening, allowing you to feel the breast re-development, grow, and delight every day effects
    Celluless Beauty and body firming is ideal for buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and legs. It can Reduces fat and Cellulite. Celluless is a system of suction that reduces the cellulit in buttocks, thighs and abdomen using the technique of the Vacumtheraphy, considered the best therapeutic alternative.
    Besides the therapeutic effect, the Vacum Thetapy is a treatment no invasive and pianless. The Cellulite effects about 80-95% of women. Cerlluless counts on a safety valve and a cup of pulsating and continuous suction, for quick and effective results.
    20 days for a period, please have patience to stick with it.
    Charge time: 8 hours
    Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
    Charger: Dc3v, 800mA
    13 Cup: the effect after use 12th, can be added with 13
    12 cups: 12 cups is generally used breast
    7 cups: can be used for slim arms and legs
    3 cups: can be used for nipple retraction, but also black smoke
    Accessories: 1 charger, 4 suction cups, 1 sealing gasket, 1 gasket, 1 manual, 1 warranty card

    Apply to:

    1. Breast dysplasia, flat-chested persons
    2.pregnancy, breast-feeding twins or intense, exercise, resulting in relaxation of breast posits, external expansion Persian
    3.Injection of needle withdrawal of milk, causing breast shrinkage or inverted nipple, breast deformation of persons.
    4.eat or taking birth control pills containing hormones drug loss and breast healthy
    5.rapid weight loss ,illness, diet, etc.. cause breast bias the rapid, shrinking of aging persons
    6. caused by improper bra breast compression deformation, were outside the expanding

    For age:

    12-18 years old (breast development): helping breasts be fully developed
    19-28 years old (breast slow period): adjustment function of the breast to enhance breast growth
    29-38 years old (breast stagnation): activation of breast tissue, so that the breast toward vibrant, full, firm and flexibility.
    Above 39 years old: (breast recession): prevention of breast organizational function degradation and atrophy of lesions, implementation of functional reconstruction of the breast.

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